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Lydden Vale

Gardening Club

You don't need to have a large garden to be

interested in plants and like growing them.

Window sills, pots and containers and

house plants can provide year round scope

for the enthusiast. So why don't you come

along and meet us?

Anyone interested in joining, please contact: VivianeBernhard Lydden Vale Gardening Club on Facebook
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in the heart of rural Dorset
If you like gardening and nature, then the Lydden Vale Gardening Club is for you! In autumn and winter we meet in Buckland Newton village hall, on a Wednesday evening starting at 7.30 pm, to enjoy a variety of talks from guest speakers. As the weather warms up in spring and summer we go further afield and visit gardens in the region on Wednesday afternoons. Our programme for the year is shown below. All our meetings are held in Buckland Newton Village Hall starting at 7.15 pm for 7.30 p.m., with plant sales, raffle and refreshments.  An annual membership of £8.00 gives you access to all meetings or you can choose to pay an entrance fee of £3.00 per meeting.  Times and charges for garden visits are as stated individually.

Village Apple Tree Survey

The Apple Day held on 30th September 2017 produced a fascinating analysis of the apple trees within the parish of Buckland Newton.  The results include (click for details): Location of apple trees  Apple tree varieties at Higher Farm House 1897 Parish Map

2019 Meetings

Wednesday 23rd January 2019, Buckland Newton Village Hall. “Wild Flowers of the Western Cape”- David & Wendy Morris. David & Wendy Morris banished the grey winter skies and joined us for an evening of sunshine and flowers with their pictures of the fauna of South Africa. Wednesday 20th February, Gaggle of Geese.  Lydden Vale Gardening Club AGM and Annual Dinner.  Wednesday 20th March, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Susannah Applegate “From Plant to Plate”. Wednesday 24th April, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Kevin Pope “Bees”. Wednesday 22nd May, 2.00 pm.  Visit to East Lambrook.  Cost £5.25 plus £3.80 tea & cake. Wednesday 19th June.  Visit to Stable Court, Charmington. Cost £4.50. Wednesday 17th July, 6.00 pm.  Visit to Maxine & Dick Bennett’s “Wheelwrights” in Buckland Newton followed by social dinner in Buckland Newton Village Hall. Wednesday 21st August, 2.00 pm.  Guided visit to Keyneston Mill.  Wednesday 18th September, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Mike Burks “What’s in a name”. Wednesday 23rd October, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  John Butler “A Thatcher’s Life”. Wednesday 27th November, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Katherine Crouch - “My favourite perennials: plants that should be better known”.
Buckland Newton Village Hall Wednesday, 23rd January 2019  at 7.30pm  LY D D E N V A L E G A R D E N I N G C L U B “Wild Flowers of the Western Cape”  Wendy & David Morris ALL WELCOME – VISITORS £3.00