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Around the Village

There’s plenty to do around the village, from clubs and groups, regular and one-off events to Keep Fit and Pilates classes and scheduled walks.  Whatever your interest, you are almost certain to find activities or groups to suit.  We have a fine Village Hall, a well-stocked village shop (The Old Chapel Stores), Primary School, Pre-school and Toddler group and an historic parish church. On the right, you will see details of a number of the ‘regular’ events that take place in the village, followed by details of events over the next few weeks, including any contact details. Use the buttons below to find out about other activities and facilities in and around the village:

General Information

Below is a list of regular events and events taking place over the next few weeks.  If you want your local event publicised here, please e-mail Webmaster

Bird (Avian) ‘Flu

If you keep poultry or birds, please see this Notice

Latest Neighbourhood Alerts

26th February:  Call Protect - information on how to help to stop scam telephone calls 6th January:  Amazon e-mail scam 17th December: Scam call to businesses 14th December: Lloyds Bank fake letter scam

Gaggle of Geese Public House

The Gaggle of Geese is currently closed but is on the market. 

Pop-up Pub

Following the success of the Buckland Newton Village Pub Nights we plan to hold

further evenings.  Details in Dates for your Diary. If you are not already receiving emails

about the Pub Nights and would like to be kept up to date please email

andy@andywaring.com to be included on the distribution list.  Andy Waring 345111,

Nick Baker 345386

The Fish and Chip Van

The Fish and Chip van visits Buckland Newton,

LAST WEDNESDAY of each month, parking at

the old bus shelter opposite Buckland Newton

School.  See dates below.  If you want to read

about the van and see the menu go to:

www.mobilefishnchipsdorset.co.uk  Just a

thought - if you have a neighbour who might

enjoy a meal from the van, but who would find it

difficult to get there and back, with their food still

hot and crispy, perhaps you could offer a home

delivery service.  I hope you enjoy the van’s visits and to see you there.  Jane Willis



There are several plots becoming available which have been under cultivation for

several years. The ground is nice to dig and well manured. If anyone would like to take

a plot 8 x 8 or 8 x 16 sq. metres, please contact John Simpson 01300 345401.

Flower Festival

Photographs of the Flower Festival in June 2016.  Clicks here to see them.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

Frustratingly there have been some developments with our Neighbourhood Plan which

have meant that its progress has temporarily come to a halt.  West Dorset District

Council (WDDC) and the Parish Council appointed Ms Ann Skippers as Independent

Examiner in March this year, and at the time she indicated that her diary was free.

However it turned out that in reality she was tied up examining other plans.  Finally, at

the very end of June she sent us a list of questions concerning our plan which we

quickly replied to.  There is now another twist to the story in that Ann Skippers has now

resigned due to close family bereavements. This means that we will have to start out

again and appoint another Examiner. She is unwilling to release her findings to date as

she does not want to influence the new Independent Examiner when appointed.

The Parish Council is liaising with WDDC, and it may withdraw the plan to allow

amendments to be made to the supporting documentation to clarify things. Additionally

this would allow the Parish Council to also amend the submitted plan by taking out the

Brockhampton Dairy Farm site which was allocated for affordable housing in the plan,

but has since gained planning permission for open market homes. We can then

immediately resubmit the plan.  This should not delay the plan too much more, as the

new Independent Examiner selection and appointment can be made during this time.

The Parish Council has now  (16th February 2017) added further information to the

Neighbourhood Plan website at  www.bncommunityplan.co.uk 

17th March update:  West Dorset District Council has found two potential Independent

Examiners willing to take on the continued examination of our Neighbourhood Plan. By

now it is hoped that an Examiner will have been appointed and commenced work. More

information on the Neighbourhood Plan website: bncommunityplan.co.uk              BN

Parish Council

Water Supply Improvement Work, Henley

The water main that runs within the field and road along Hilling Lane and the B3143 is

being replaced. Work will commence on Monday 3 April and is expected to last 17

weeks. Hilling Lane will be closed for 5 weeks from Monday 8 May 2017. Alternative

routes will be signposted.

Lydden Vale News

The local printed Newsletter, the Lydden Vale News, is delivered free to every

household in the village.  There is a online version; current (April 2017) issue now

available, click on Lydden Vale News.  There is also a rolling 12-month archive, so that

you can refer back to earlier issues; click on the month to access:

May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016 September 2016 October 2016 November 2016 December 2016 January 2017 February 2017 March 2017 April 2017

Weather Forecast

The nearest Met Office Weather Forecast location is Minterne Gardens.  (The

observation station for this forecast is RNAS Yeovilton); click for a 7-day weather


Superfast Fibre Broadband

Following further work by the Superfast Dorset project, faster broadband is now

available to more residents in Buckland Newton.  You will need to contact your

broadband supplier (ISP) to change over to fibre; this is not automatic and will usually

cost more than a non-fibre connection.  Please note however that those houses served

by Cabinet 2 (by the church) still cannot get fibre and there do not appear to be any

current plans by Superfast Dorset or BT Openreach to change this situation.  You can

now register to be advised if and when fibre broadband is available for your address. 

Go to https://www.dorsetforyou.com/broadband/registration

Old Chapel Stores

Sue, Pete and their family welcome you to their village shop.  Opening Hours:  Monday

to Saturday 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, Sunday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon.  Facebook page at


The Buckland Gallery, at the Old Chapel Stores.  A new venture providing an eclectic

mix of crafts and art designed and made by local artisans including Crafts by Hare

Styles, Jewellery by Liz Whittingham, Art by Carole Barnett.  Wednesdays and

Saturdays, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.  Tel 07870 642443.

Mobile Library

The Dorchester Mobile Library visits the village fortnightly on Wednesdays/Thursdays,

depending on where you live.  Please note new times:  Wednesday, 9.30 am - 9.45 am 

Henley - Cottages; 9.55 am - 10.15 am  Alton Pancras - Holcombe Mead.  Thursday, 

3.15 pm to 3.40 pm  just below the Parish Room alongside the playing field.  The new

van, and it does look state of the art compared to the old one, comes from Sturminster

and has a completely different set of books for young and old AND a selection of

jigsaws. The joy of using the mobile service is no fines and no charge for ordering

books. But consultations are underway and the county council is obviously looking to

axe this service, so use it or lose it!. The Library service was keen to keep the venue

near the school and chose the time to hopefully encourage parents and children to use

the mobile library. Ideally it had been hoped to park nearer Cranes Meadow but at

3.15pm, with all the traffic and parking problems as School finishes, a compromise had

to be reached.

 For dates, see more information at www.dorsetforyou.com/libraries

Outreach Post Office

The outreach Post Office is open in the Village Hall on Mondays, Tuesdays and

Fridays from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. 

War Memorial

The War Memorial in Buckland Newton Churchyard commemorates those villagers who

lost their lives in the two World Wars.  Recent research has filled in some of the details

of those named and this information can be viewed here.

Flood Warden

The village Flood Warden is Doug Morse (01300 345707) or e-mail

floodwarden@sky.com    In case of flooding, the village now has a supply of sandbags.

If you are unlucky enough to require use of these at some time in the future please

contact Doug Morse on 01300 345707 or Rodney Cuff on 01300 345309 to find out how

to obtain sandbags.

Travel Information

See under Parish / District Council tab at left.

Village Hall

Postcode DT2 7BZ.  The Village Hall is located on the B3143 approximately 150 yards

south (towards Dorchester) of the recreation ground / primary school crossroads, and

300 yards north (towards Pulham and Sturminster Newton) of the Old Chapel Stores.

Tennis court - Glanvilles Wootton

Glanvilles Wootton Tennis Court is open to all who live in the Lydden Vale every day of

the week at any time except when there is occasional Saturday morning tennis

coaching.  Bookings can be made at the court.  Playing fees are as follows: Children up

to 14 years old £1 for the court per hour; Young people 15 to 19 £1 per person per hour;

Adults £1.50 per person per hour; or Annual Membership £40 per year, accompanied

guests free.  Children’s Tennis Coaching takes place every other Saturday in early

summer for 7 to 18 year olds. Please contact Michael Anderson on 01300 345375 for

details.  Any other queries please contact Sarah Wade on 01963 210607

Regular Events

Buckland Newton Pre-School.  This operates 8.45 am to 3.15 pm, Monday,

Wednesday and Friday, 8.45 am to 12.45 pm Tuesday and Thursday.  Breakfast Club

available from  8.00 am.  All at Buckland Newton School during term time.  It caters for

children aged from 2 years, if space available.  If you use your Early Years Funding

Vouchers, there is no additional cost.  Non-funded hours are charged at £4.25 per hour. 

For any further information, please contact Emma in the school office on 01300 345393

during school hours or e-mail the School Office. 

Little Goslings.  Bumps, Babies and Toddlers, every Wednesday 9.30 am - 11.30 am,

Buckland Newton Village Hall.  £2.00 per session; drop in for coffee and a chat.

Lunch Club.  A 2-course meal with tea/coffee on the second Friday of each month, at

Buckland Newton Village Hall or a Pub. Over 90 or 80? Maybe in your seventies? 

Living alone and no longer driving, except to potter around the village?  You have a

disability or long-term health problem, and would love to get out to meet old friends or

make new ones?  If so, we would be delighted to see you.

Village Cafe.  10.30 am to 12.00 noon, every last Friday in the month (except August

and December) in Buckland Newton Village Hall.  A great opportunity to meet people in

the village if you are new to the area or just meet your friends for an hour to catch up

with them.  £1.20 buys you cake and coffee/tea.  Please let me know if you would like to

volunteer taking a turn either ‘hosting’ on the morning or baking a cake for it. I will be

very pleased to hear from you.  More details from Fizz Lewis 345521.

Church Services.  Please see ‘Upcoming Events’ below or the church services page.

Keep Fit Association 'Youth Moves'.   Pulham Village Hall 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm; ages

11 and over.  Contact Sarah Mitchell on 01258 81728

Yoga.  Buckland Newton Village Hall.  Mondays (term time only), 2.00 pm - over 60’s;

5.45 pm - mixed ability; 7.30 pm - mixed ability.  Contact Suzanne Stringer (British

Wheel of Yoga trained, with over 20 years’ experience) 01935 873594.

Pilates.  Buckland Newton Village Hall. I now teach Pilates 9.30 am and 10.30 am on a

Thursday, term time only. Classes are £8.00 from September, with discount for block

bookings.  E-mail info@4everpilates.co.uk or call 07807 090 013.

Art Class.  Expert watercolour tuition on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30-4.00pm in

the Village Hall during term time, this is a very friendly, relaxed and popular class for all

levels.  Please ring 01305 871178 for more details.

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 25th March, 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm, Purbeck House, by kind invitation of Bridget Hodges,  Lent Lunch.  Join us for a sociable and delicious soup lunch, everyone welcome.  Donations invited for the Buckland Newton Church Restoration & Heating Fund, and Water Aid.  So that we may have an idea of numbers to cater for, please telephone Bridget (345493) if you are attending. Saturday 25th March, 7.30 pm, Blandford Forum Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.  Blandford Choral Society & Weatherbury Singers present Faure’s Requiem, Cantique de Jean Racine and Pergolesi’s Magnificat.  Tickets £10.00, to include a glass of wine and nibbles are available from Judy Cooper. Please phone 01305 260284 or e-mail weatherburysingers@gmail.com Sunday 26th March.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  11.00am A service for Mothering Sunday, posies for all Mums and carers. This service will be taken By Rev’d Hugh Willis. Sunday 26th March, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Artsreach presents “The Odyssey”.  From the makers of ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Dracula’ comes a tale more exciting than excitement itself: The ODYSSEY.  The journey of all journeys.  To Hell. And back again.  Gods, Monsters, Sirens, Derring-Dos and Derring-Donts!  A love story that lasts decades.  It’s Greek stuff… with all the boring bits removed!  "Cyclops!  A hulk of flesh, Ship tall. Arms reaching to his knees.  Mouth - a gaping universe.  And in the middle of his foolish forehead  One  Single  Eye  Mwah-ha-ha. . ."   If ever a show was designed for small venues, this is it; a compact piece of theatre magic. David Mynne's skill with just a few simple props, a rubber face and clear and concise storytelling will fill you with drama and delight!  A host of exciting (and daft) characters - including a one-eyed. Cyclops, a six-headed monster and the terrifying Sea God Poseidon - will conjure up a mighty storm and keep you on the edge of your seat. Suitable for adults and older children (12+).  Click on graphic on left for full details.  Tickets: £9 | £7 (under 18s) on door, if available, or in advance from The Old Chapel Stores or telephone 01300 345455.  Bar & refreshments available. Wednesday 29th March, from 5.00 pm (last orders 7.00 pm), at old bus shelter opposite BN School.  Fish & Chip Van. Friday 31st March, 10.30 am to 12.00 noon, Village Hall.  Village Cafe.  We have put up the price of as much homemade cake and coffee or tea (caffeinated or de- caffeinated) as you wish to £1.20.  It is still a bargain I think for two hours nattering with people you perhaps don’t see so often like me and my next-door neighbour. If you are new to the area it’s a great introduction and you won’t be asked to buy a raffle ticket or join anything or be the new editor of the Lydden Vale News even though this popular local organ will be closing down after the April edition if no one comes forward. Fizz Lewis 345521. Saturday 1st April, 10.30 am to 12.00 noon, Pulham Village Hall.  Coffee Morning.  Come along for delicious homemade cake, a cuppa and great company.  Everyone welcome.  For further information please phone Sarah (01258 817288), Sharon (01258 817528) or Paul (01258 817097 or e-mail pulhamvillagehall@hotmail.com  Sunday 2nd April.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  6.00pm. Summer services of Evensong begin on the 1st Sunday of each month, until November. Wednesday 5th April, 7.30 pm.  Lydden Ladies visit to Octagon Theatre for “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  Contact Lyn Cox (345739). Thursday 6th April, 2.30 pm, Holy Rood Church.  Funeral Service for Carole Oldroyd.  All are welcome to attend. Sunday 9th April.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  11.00 am Holy Communion (Common Worship, modern language), taken by Rev Jonathan Still. Friday 14th April, Good Friday.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  Good Friday ‘bun service’ suitable for all ages. Jonathan will lead this service with an explanation of the tradition of the hot cross bun. Buns for all to share. Friday 14th April, 12.30 pm, The Green Man, Kings Stag.  Second Friday Lunch Club.  Please speak to Jan (345356) or Susan (345760) if you wish to join us. Friday 14th April, time t.b.a., Buckland Newton School.  FBNS (Friends of Buckland Newton School) Grand Easter Egg Hunt.  Once again we are excited about our yearly Easter Egg Hunt which will be held in the school grounds.  As usual there will be dozens of eggs to find but the fun won’t stop there!  The children will be getting crafty for an Easter Hats and Bonnets Competition and we’re looking forward to a lovely cake selection as we all go baking mad for the cake sale!  And, new for this year will be a craft stall - donations needed please! Friday 14th April, 6.30 pm to 11.00 pm, Village Hall.  Buckland Newton Pub Night.  Another evening with the atmosphere of a local Pub for Local People.  Everyone in Buckland Newton and surrounding hamlets welcome - Mine Hosts - Nick Baker & Andy Waring.  At the bar... Beer, Lager and Cider. Selection of red and white wine Soft Drinks: Coke, Lemonade. Crisps, nuts etc.  Food available from 6:30pm...Freshly made wood fired pizza - £5 - £8 with a range of delicious desserts available.  Come for the whole evening or just pop in early for a pizza and a drink.  Please spread the word!  If you are not already receiving emails about the Pub Nights and would like to be kept up to date please email andy@andywaring.com to be included on the distribution list.  Andy Waring 345111, Nick Baker 345386 Saturday 15th April, 10.00 am, Holy Rood Church.  Decorating the church for Easter.  All helpers please! Sunday 16th April, Easter Day.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  9.30am  A celebratory family service for Easter Day. During this service the new and beautiful Paschal candlestand will be blessed and dedicated by Jonathan.  This candlestand has been crafted for us by Chris Mason.  Refreshments will be served after this service, with Easter eggs for all. Can you find all the hidden eggs? Wednesday 19th April, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Lydden Vale Gardening Club.  Mike Burks of Castle Gardens “Gardening trends”.  We are members of Castle Gardens’ Gold Club and Mike Burks’ talks are always entertaining as well as informative. Saturday 22nd April, 6.30 pm, eyes down 7.30 pm, Pulham Village Hall.  Family Bingo.   For further information please phone Sarah (01258 817288), Sharon (01258 817528) or Paul (01258 817097 or e-mail pulhamvillagehall@hotmail.com Sunday 23rd April.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  11.00 am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer, traditional language). Monday 24th April 6.00pm, Holy Rood Church.  All parishoners are invited to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Monday 24th April, time t.b.a., Cerne Village Hall.  Cerne Abbas Village Cinema presents “A Streetcat Named Bob”.  A film based on the true story of a homeless addict whose bond with a ginger cat turns his life around. Tuesday 25th April, 7.45 pm for 8.00 pm start (finish 9.30 pm), Rose Villa.  Wayfarers - Indefinite detention. Is it ever acceptable?  Please come, bring your friends. Share, listen and discuss thoughts, experiences, feelings, beliefs and research on this question.  Contact Helen for more details 01300 345401. Wednesday 26th April, from 5.00 pm (last orders 7.00 pm), at old bus shelter opposite BN School.  Fish & Chip Van. Friday 28th April, 10.30 am to 12.00 noon.  Village Cafe.  A great opportunity to meet people in the village if you are new to the area or just meet your friends for an hour to catch up with them.  £1.20 buys you cake and coffee/tea.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer taking a turn either ‘hosting’ on the morning or baking a cake for it. I will be very pleased to hear from you.  More details from Fizz Lewis 345521. Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May.  The Cerne Giant Festival – Celebrating Humanity in the Landscape.  This will take place in the Cerne Valley during the Bank Holiday weekend 29th April to 1st May. Events organised so far include: 'Skyscape and Landscape' talk and telescope demo, Storytelling farm walk 'Every Field has a Story' with cream teas, NatureCraft for Children, a Barn Dance in Cerne church by Tatterdemalion (with bar, 7pm Sunday 30th April), readings of Barnes and Hardy, and a Butterflies and Flowers walk. As usual the Wessex Morris will be greeting the 1st May sunrise on The Trendle from 5am (with Cerne Abbas Brewery and their ale), and will perform in the village centre afterwards. Some events must be booked – check website or Facebook page for details. http://cernevalley.co.uk/event/cerne-giant-festival/ or Cerne Giant Festival (Facebook). Saturday 29th April, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, Village hall.  Plant Sale.  Lots of plants (Perennials, vegetables, herbs, annuals), wigwams, cakes, raffle and refreshments. Plants wanted Please!  Now the weather maybe getting better and our gardens drying a little please think about splitting a few perennials and potting them up for the Sale. Or perhaps potting up a few self sown seedlings Not too late to sow some seeds if you haven’t already either, vegetables, annuals, bedding plants… Any spare herbs? This year we particularly need vegetable seedlings. We need lots so all and any contributions very welcome. If you can manage to bring them to the hall on the Friday night beforehand around 5 pm that will help us get ahead with sorting them out etc as well. Any problems with delivering etc give me a ring.  If you are not green fingered we need raffle prizes, Maree Pollard (349), let her know what you can donate. Cakes for the cake stall, Isabelle Mace (242) would love to hear from you.  Everybody else please come to the sale and buy!!! Who knows what little treasures for your garden you will find.  Last year we made an incredible £1080 for Weldmar. Thank you. Fizz Lewis 345521. Sunday 30th April.  No service at Holy Rood Church, but 11.00am Benefice service will be held in St.Mary’s church, Cerne Abbas. Sunday 7th May.  Domineys garden will be open with teas and a plant stall only once this year.  However visits by appointment (phone 01300 345 295) will be most welcome throughout the year. The spring has come, with bulbs camellias and others plants in flower and there is much to see and enjoy as the seasons change through rest of the year.  All visits are in aid of the National Gardens Scheme charities. We look forward to welcoming visitors.                                        Jeanette and William Gueterbock Sunday 7th May.  Services at Holy Rood Church.  6.00pm Choral Evensong: the excellent Beaminster Quire will be visiting the church to lead the singing and to perform extra choral pieces and anthems. Saturday 13th May, Pulham Village Hall.  Quiz Night with Fish & Chip Supper.   For further information please phone Sarah (01258 817288), Sharon (01258 817528) or Paul (01258 817097 or e-mail pulhamvillagehall@hotmail.com Wednesday 17th May, 2.15pm.  Visit to Longstock Water Garden, Stockbridge, Hampshire.  Part of the John Lewis partnership estate, one of the best water gardens in the country. Tuesday 30th May, doors open 7.00 pm, Village Hall.  A Psychic Evening with Mark Rylands and Guest Medium.  Tickets are £10 and can be purchased on the door.  This is a platform event delivering messages to a seated audience.  "Do you dare to be amazed?"  For legal reasons this event is advertised for entertainment purposes, however you can come to your own conclusions. Click on graphic at left for details or visit  www.thepeoplespsychic.co.uk/ Wednesday 31st May, from 5.00 pm (last orders 7.00 pm), at old bus shelter opposite BN School.  Fish & Chip Van. Wednesday 28th June, from 5.00 pm (last orders 7.00 pm), at old bus shelter opposite BN School.  Fish & Chip Van. Saturday 15th July, 7.00 pm, Village Hall.  The Piddle Valley Players are having a ‘Talent Night’ evening as a fundraiser for their next show in February 2018. Members will be performing songs, sketches and comedy … and it is open to the public to join us. If you would like to show off your talent, please contact our director, Holly Royle, on 07775 436075.  Click on graphic opposite for details. Tickets are available NOW from Old Chapel Stores in Buckland Newton … £5, including a light buffet, (£3 for performers). Wednesday 26th July, from 5.00 pm (last orders 7.00 pm), at old bus shelter opposite BN School.  Fish & Chip Van. Saturday 9th September.  Dorset Historic Churches Trust “Ride & Stride”.  More details nearer the time.
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Tickets £10.00, to include a glass of wine and nibbles are available from Judy Cooper. Please phone 01305  260284 or email  weatherburysingers@gmail.com    Blandford Choral Society  &  Faureís Requiem   Cantique de Jean Racine   And   Pergolesiís Magnificat   Presents  Saturday 25th March  Performance starts at 7.30 pm   Blandford Forum Parish Church  of St Peter and St Paul THE PIDDLE VALLEY PLAYERS PRESENT  SATURDAY 15TH JULY 2017 - 7PM  BUCKLAND NEWTON VILLAGE  HALL  'There's talent in the valley'  An evening of song, music and other spectacular talent!!  Tickets £5 including a light buffet, £3 for performers, available from bn village shop, cash  bar operating through the evening  Any talent wanting to  perform,  please  contact  Holly on 07775436075