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Buckland Newton

Amateur Players

BADS (Buckland Amateur

Dramatics Society) has been reborn

as BAPS (Buckland Newton

Amateur Players Society).

For a gallery of photographs from some of our recent productions, click on the relevant button below.

Buckland Newton Amateur Players are currently

‘resting’; if any budding directors, thespians or ‘angels’

are interested in resuscitating the group, there will no

doubt be others who would be interested in taking part

in any new productions. Please make contact through

this website and we will try to put you in touch….

Our previous productions

"Murder at the Manor", a new play for the village by the village, was our first production and was a runaway success. Performed over three nights, it recounted a series of heinous crimes and murders at the (fairly) mythical Buckland Newton Manor. A total of over £1,300 was raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Weldmar Hospicecare Trust. We now have a fund of capable actors, actresses, stage hands and backstage staff, most of whom never realised they had thespian talents hidden away. Future productions are a definite possibility, so if you fancy a fun way of filling those drab winter evenings, keep an eye on this page. Are you interested in being involved with another production at Buckland Newton Village Hall? After the success of Murder at the Manor, we put on a pantomime. What will be next? Buckland Amateur Players (BAPS) version of "Cinderella". A rip- roaring traditional pantomime ("Oh yes it is!") directed by Fizz Lewis with musical direction by Martin Kenny-Hall. All your favourite local actors and singers! Money raised from the productions went to Buckland Newton Youth Club (£300) and Breakthrough Breast Cancer (£1,740) to add to the money raised by the Crocus Walk.

Previous BADS Productions

In April 1991 a group of people got together to put on the first BADS show in the Village Hall. It was called A Victorian Variety Show and featured a one act play and a variety of ‘acts’ from local people. The following year we put on a pantomime, Cinderella. BADS put on further pantos (Jack and the Beanstalk and Red Riding Hood), plays - Chekhov and The Christmas Carol (Farndale Avenue edition!) - and more variety shows on an intermittent basis as members and interest in the village has fluctuated and those doing the brunt of the organising have had the energy! A Variety Show around the theme of "A Fête Worse than ..." - was presented in the Village Hall in April 2004. As Director Fizz Lewis commented during preparations for the show: "I can honestly say that the rehearsals for the one act play are hilarious - you will be amazed without a doubt. If ever (and who of us hasn't?) you have taken part in or been to the Buckland Newton Fête, then this is for you! Along with variety acts which feature people from 10 to 92 years old what more could you ask for? A delightful evening of home grown entertainment."
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