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Around the Village

There’s plenty to do around the village, from clubs and groups, regular and one-off events to Keep Fit and Pilates classes and scheduled walks.  Whatever your interest, you are almost certain to find activities or groups to suit.  We have a fine Village Hall, a well-stocked village shop (The Old Chapel Stores), Primary School, Pre-school and Toddler group and an historic parish church.  The Gaggle of Geese pub has now re-opened after refurbishment.   Use the buttons below to find out about other activities and facilities in and around the village:

General Information

Save our Public Telephone Box!

BT has written to the Parish Council to say that they wish to remove the public telephone box by The Gaggle. As many of you will know, the mobile signal in the village is either non-existent or poor at best.  In an emergency, the public telephone box is the only way to summon help. There is a petition form in both the Gaggle of Geese and the Old Chapel Stores.  If you want to keep the ‘phone box in the village, please sign the petition before 20th October!  You can also submit an objection on the Dorset Planning website at https://planning.dorset.gov.uk/online-applications/  quoting Application Reference WD/D/19/002394 and specifying the public payphone near The Gaggle of Geese Public House DT2 7BS.

Opening of the refurbished Parish Pavilion

A hugely successful Celebratory Opening of the Parish Room took place at 3pm on Sunday the 22nd September 2019.  Despite a downpour, some 100 villagers turned up and crowded into the new hall and under the veranda. Nicki Barker, Chairman of the Parish Council, stood on a chair within the hall and welcomed everyone saying: “This has been a real village Project.  The original ideas came from you as villagers during our 6 year long consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan , followed up by refining ideas via the village newsletter in spring a year ago.  As for contractors, we were thrilled when we opened the bids to find the best ones were from 2 village companies, Nick Baker of N and J Baker for the pavilion conversion and Buckland Newton Hire Ltd.  for the new running track.   Both have done a fabulous job, as you can see, and it must be a rare thing to reach the end of a project saying they have both been a joy to work with. As chairman, I am hugely indebted to ‘Team Parish Council’.  They have freely given their spare, and not-so-spare time, and personal skills to ensure this project is a success.  I particularly want to pay tribute to Cllr John Baker who designed this building and drew up the specifications, and gained the planning permission, all in very short order to meet the grant application deadline, and to Cllr Andy Foot who was our Project Manager. And last, but certainly not least, to our “one-in-a-million” Parish Clerk, Sarah Mitchell, who  has been our Finance Officer and my right hand woman. And then last week I had this wonderful surprise phone call.  It was from Wendy Morris,  She had taken a complete time-line of photos of the construction from start to finish and put them together on 2 sheets, which are now displayed on the table behind the cakes.  This will give anyone, who has not had a chance to see the work progressing, just how it all happened. So how did we fund it?  Well, we just managed to slip in at the last minute and acquire an EU grant via the “European Union Agricultural Fund for Rural Development”  before this line of funding closed.  It is sad that Sarah Harbige, who manages this fund in Southern Dorset, was not able to be here with us to see how well these grant funds have been used and how much benefit it will bring to the village. This EU grant covered 80%  of the project costs, and we had to find the remaining 20% very rapidly in order to support our application.  Hence I am equally indebted to 3 groups within the village who came forward to offer us help: The United Charities of Buckland Newton, whose roots go way back to the time when the parish was responsible for supporting their poor; Buckland Newton Community Property Trust, who most of us know as the Trust who built and looks after Lydden Meadow; and a contribution from last year’s 2018 Fete. Alongside this, we dipped heavily into the small legacy that Sir William Aykroyd left us, ring-fenced to support projects such as this.  In due course this will be repaid so it can support new projects in the future.” Nicki Barker then went on to describe the fascinating history of both the Parish Field and this newly converted building. She explained: “This field was originally part of Buckland Common, a common which stretched from here across towards the Gaggle of Geese and up to the shop.  There were several commons in the parish, one at Cosmore, one at Duntish and one near the top road, but this one was the most important as it was in the centre of the village. Up until the early 1700’s, parishioners had Common Law Rights on these such as grazing animals and collecting firewood.  When the land was enclosed in 1734, in lieu of these lost common rights, this field was allotted to the parish for recreation and exercise.  Cricket and football were very strong in the village with teams playing right through the 1800 and 1900’s.  The last Gaggle of Geese home cricket match was played on the field in 2015, so it would be splendid to bring this back. This building dates to 1871.  It was built as the Parish Coal Store, hence its 3-brick thick walls and these unusual buttresses along both sides. We don’t know whether it was built commercially or by the parish as there are no records, but  rural villages in those days were very self-sufficient, making most of what they needed, and this crossroads area was the commercial centre in this village.  It had a wheelwrights, several large carpenter shops, several stores, a shoemakers and a vet cum dentist just down the road,  and of course a carrier, hence Carrier’s Cottage. Coal made that vital improvement in the lives of villagers, who up until then used wood for their cooking and heating needs, and its availability was intrinsically linked to railways.  Coal here would have come from the Bristol and Somerset coalfields by goods train on the Dorchester and Sherborne lines. Both lines only became open for goods in the late 1860’s and coal would have been brought here by horse and cart for storage and onward distribution around the village. For 50 years this building served as the coal store. It was only with the coming of motorised vehicles in the 1920’s that lorries would have replaced the carrier bringing house to house deliveries and the coal store became redundant. The Parish Council took over the redundant building  in the 1920’s and turned it into a Reading Room.  They blocked up the big entrance on the roadside and installed a chimney and fireplace.  How much actual reading took place is debatable as the room was poorly lit by a small windows at each end, but it would have served as the only meeting room in the village, a quasi-village hall, as well as a changing room for matches on the field.  This continued for 30 years until 1950 when, in turn, it too became redundant with the building of a new, prefabricated village hall on the site of the current hall.    Briefly during WW2 it served as a First Aid Post .     From then on it was a somewhat neglected place, being dark, damp and cold.  It went on being a sports pavilion, and a meeting place for the cubs and scouts and the Parish Council, and it briefly served as an Outreach Post Office. So this new revamp in 2019 brings it back into full use again in its full glory, situated as it is right on the edge of the playing field and new running track,  As a small public room, it fills a valuable niche between what the Village Hall can offer and that of the Gaggle of Geese, and we are proud of its conversion.” By the time Nicki Barker clambered down off the chair, the rain had stopped and the entire gathering moved outside to watch the official opening and cutting of the ribbon, and a great cheer went up.   This was followed by a race around the half kilometre track, first by the children, then by the adults at a rapid paced walk, rather than a run.     All then drifted back inside to enjoy tea and an amazing array of cakes, with the gathering finally breaking up around 5 pm.

More from the Village…

Below is a list of regular events and events taking place over the next few weeks.  If you want your local event publicised here, please e-mail Webmaster

New Facebook page for Buckland Newton

Join in and share your love for where we live. The Buckland Newton Community Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bucklandnewton/  is a Facebook group for residents of Buckland Newton and its surroundings to celebrate our beautiful village and all that goes on in our community. The page will seek to: •            share & promote positive news relating to our village & its surroundings.  •            support our thriving local groups, societies, committees & businesses. •            buy, sell, swap pre-loved possessions. •            enable the village community to advertise their skills, to promote their events, ask for trader recommendations or get advice on a local issue. Anyone can join the community page, and once you do you can post your event of views.  A team of moderators will oversee the site and make sure that all those posting respect the rules of the community page. At present your moderators are Amanda McKenna, Keith Darbyshire and Simon Colquhoun.


The village has its own defibrillator, housed in an unlocked cupboard on an outside wall of the Village Hall by the kitchen door, under the veranda.  In an emergency, ring 999, then click here for list of runners who will bring the defibrillator to you.

Weather Forecast

The nearest Met Office Weather Forecast location is Minterne Gardens. Click for a 7- day weather forecast.

Recycling and Refuse Collection and Calendar


The Gaggle of Geese

Simon and Sarah at the Gaggle of Geese welcome bookings from those looking for a venue for special occasions - such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, children’s parties, fundraisers etc. Just get in touch for a chat about how we can help you celebrate at the Gaggle. How to contact us: Aside from popping in to the pub, you can also reach us or leave a message on 01300 345249 or e-mail on hartandhops@gmail.com  Latest news and details of events can be found on our Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/gaggleofgeesepub/  - website at https://gaggleofgeese.co.uk/ . 

Old Chapel Stores

Sue, Pete and their family welcome you to their village shop.  Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, Sunday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon.  Pop along for more information on what is available and support your local shop.  Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheOldChapelStores and don’t forget upstairs with Carol at The Buckland Gallery where there are beautifully crafted, original presents to suit all pockets.   An eclectic mix of crafts and art designed and made by local artisans including Crafts by Hare Styles, Peter Thomas (woodturning and stick making) and Gyllawood Pens, Art by Carole Barnett.  Wednesday to Saturday, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.  Tel 07870 642443. www.bucklandgallery.co.uk

Outreach Post Office

The outreach Post Office is open in the Village Hall on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. 

Lydden Vale News

The local printed Newsletter, the Lydden Vale News, is delivered free to every household in the village.  Editorial: lyddenvalley@gmail.com  Advertising: lyddenvaleadverts@gmail.com  There is an online version of the newsletter; for current (October 2019) issue, click on Lydden Vale News.  There is also a rolling 12-month archive, so that you can refer back to earlier issues; click on the month to access: November 2018  December 2018  January 2019  February 2019  March 2019 April 2019  May 2019  June 2019  July 2019  August 2019  September 2019  October 2019 Superfast Fibre Broadband Fibre broadband is available to most residents in Buckland Newton.  You will need to contact your broadband supplier (ISP) to change over to fibre; this is not automatic and will usually cost more than a non-fibre connection.  Houses served by Cabinet 2 (by the church) still cannot get fibre and there do not appear to be any plans to change this situation.

Flood Warden

The village Flood Warden (01300 345707) or e-mail floodwarden@sky.com    In case of flooding, the village now has a supply of sandbags. If you are unlucky enough to require use of these at some time in the future please contact the Flood Warden to find out how to obtain sandbags.

Travel Information


Regular Events

Autumn Friendly Skittles League.  Fixture List now available. The Fish and Chip Van visits Buckland Newton, usually on the last Tuesday of the month at the old bus shelter opposite Buckland Newton School from 5.00 pm with last orders at 7.00 pm.  If you want to read about the van and see the menu go to www.mobilefishnchipsdorset.co.uk Future dates are: Tuesday 29th October Tuesday 26th November Buckland Newton Pre-School.  This operates 8.45 am to 3.15 pm, Monday to Friday in term time.  Breakfast Club available from  8.00 am.  All at Buckland Newton School during term time.  It caters for children aged from 2 years, if space available.  For further information, contact the school office on 01300 345393 during school hours or e-mail the School Office.   Lunch Club.  A 2-course meal with tea/coffee on the second Friday of each month, at Buckland Newton Village Hall or a Pub. Over 90 or 80? Maybe in your seventies?  Living alone and no longer driving, except to potter around the village?  You have a disability or long-term health problem, and would love to get out to meet old friends or make new ones?  If so, we would be delighted to see you. Village Cafe.  10.30 am to 12.00 noon, every last Friday in the month (except August and December) in Buckland Newton Village Hall.  A great opportunity to meet people in the village if you are new to the area or just meet your friends for an hour to catch up with them.  £1.20 buys you cake and coffee/tea. 

Dates for your Diary

The Gaggle of Geese - Thursdays - see our changing specials on Thursdays in the Diary below.    Thursday 17th October, 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm, BN Village Hall.  Lydden Vale News AGM.  Please feel free to come along and share your views on the magazine or simply show your support to the new team. As usual if you have any complaints to make or controversial suggestions to raise about the magazine Mandy would be grateful if you could send them to her at lyddenvalley@gmail.com prior to the meeting, just so she can get my head round them and give you a decent answer on the night.  From the November issue, Carole Barnett (who runs the Gallery upstairs in the shop) will take over as editor and Ina Stone will take over managing the accounts. Thursday 17th October, Gaggle of Geese.  Open Session for Folk Musicians and Pie Night.  An open session of local folk musicians. Bring an instrument & join in ... or just listen & enjoy. And perhaps pick from our choice of pies & sides.  Contact Simon or Sarah on 01300 345249. Sunday 20th October, 9.30 am.  Service at Holy Rood Church.  Family ‘Animals and Pet Service’.  All pets welcome, bring your owners too! Songs, stories, activities and a blessing for each pet from Jonathan.  To help us celebrate please bring; a small piece of corrugated cardboard; some straw or hay; a short length of bamboo; a few dried leaves.  Refreshments and doggy biscuits served after this service. Tuesday 22nd October, 9.30 am to 1.00 pm, Cerne Abbas Village Hall.  Flu Clinic.  Please make a note of the date for our main annual flu clinic at Cerne Abbas Village Hall.  If you are eligible for a flu vaccination, please make every effort to attend this clinic as this is the most efficient way for us to ensure we have time to vaccinate everyone. Thank you.  Also see 12th November date at The Gaggle of Geese, Buckland Newton. Wednesday 23rd October, 7.30 pm, Village Hall.  Lydden Vale Gardening Club.  “A Thatcher’s Life’ with John Butler.  Our guest speaker this month is one of our own members, thatcher John Butler who many of you will have seen going up and down a steep ladder in order to rebuild the thatch roof of a country cottage. Come along and learn about this ancient craft with us! All are welcome.  Contact Viviane on 345111. Thursday 24th October, Gaggle of Geese.  Steak Night.  A special evening at the Gaggle where you can enjoy two steaks for just £26. Booking recommended. Offer available from 6pm til we sell out.  Contact Simon or Sarah on 01300 345249. Friday 25th October, 10.30 am to 12.00 noonish, Village Hall.  Village Cafe. Sunday 27th October.  Service at Holy Rood Church.  11.00 am Holy Communion (Common Worship - modern language). Sunday 27th October, 3.30 pm, Village Hall.  Artsreach presents “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.  Autumn is here, the trees are bare, the birds fly south, the sheep are flocking, seeking shelter from the wind, and Wolf footprints can be seen padded into the hard ground… Standing on the hilltop a boy is watching his sheep; he is bored, seeking adventure, and looking for the next best thing! The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a beautiful tale about a boy, unable to find delight in what is around him and instead seeks adventure, excitement and the thrill of the unknown! Inspired by Aesop’s famous fable, this wonderful play has a gifted ensemble of actor musicians who bring to life the delightful characters, including funny sheep and perhaps a scary wolf or two! Suitable 3+ Tickets are £5, £6 (adults), £20 (family 4, max 2 adults) From The Old Chapel Stores, or tel 01300 345455, or online www.artsreach.co.uk Tuesday 29th October, 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm (last orders), Old Bus Shelter (opposite BN Primary School).  Fish & Chip Van. Thursday 31st October, from 4.00 pm, Gaggle of Geese.  The Witches’ Hovel and Spooky Grotto.  For brave kids and heroic adults. Free party bag for all kids that take part. Grotto open from 4pm. Fancy dress welcome! Friday 1st November, 7.00 pm, Glanvilles Wootton, Holnest & Middlemarsh Village Hall.  ‘An Adventure in Georgia - Close up to the Russian Border’.  A talk given by Robert Frankcom.  Tickets £10 to include a glass of wine and canapés.  For tickets please email Annie Dove at anniedove1@btinternet.com or telephone on 01300 345450.  For more information please see the village website https://glanvilleswootton.org/events/ Sunday 3rd November, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, Buckland Newton Village Hall.  Winter Pamper and Craft Fair. Sunday 3rd November.  Service at Holy Rood Church.  4.00 pm All Saints and All Souls Service.  Jonathan will lead this service at which we commemorate all saints and all souls departed. A candle will be lit for each soul remembered.  A book of remembrance for names to be commemorated will be placed on the font in the preceeding week.  Tea and cake served after this service. PLEASE NOTE *** There will be no Matins service on this day. Tuesday 5th November, from 6.00 pm, Gaggle Of Geese.  Bonfire and Fireworks.  Starts from 5.00 pm, bonfire lit at 6.00 pm, fireworks from 7.00 pm. Garden bar, BBQ & mulled drinks. Free entry; donations welcomed. Thursday 7th November, 10.00 am to 12.30 pm, Holyleas House, Buckland Newton DT2 7DP.Dorchester Barnardo’s Helpers Group Coffee Morning.  Click on graphic at left for full information. Tuesday 12th November, 9.30 am to 11.00 am, Gaggle of Geese.  Flu Clinic.  Please make a note of the date for our flu clinic at The Gaggle of Geese.  If you are eligible for a flu vaccination, please make every effort to attend this clinic as this is the most efficient way for us to ensure we have time to vaccinate everyone. Thank you. Friday 15th November, 7.30 pm (doors open 7.00 pm), Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall.  “Out of This World”  Two speakers - Keith Wright on “Apollo 11 and Science on the Moon - Some Personal Memories from inside the program” and Kevin Quinn on “Stargazing - a Virtual Intoruction to our galaxy and beyond”.  Bar.  Tickets £8.00 from 01300 348670 or Piddletrenthide Shop. Wednesday 20th November, 8.30 pm, Gaggle of Geese.  Pub Quiz.  Teams of up to 6, ring Simon or Sarah on 01300 345249 to book your place.  £2.00 a head, or free if you dine with us.  This month, raising money for the local school.  Contact Simon or Sarah on 01300 345249. Saturday 23rd November,  Buckland Newton Village Hall.  Artsreach presents a performance and dance workshop by leading UK klezmer band Shekoyokh . Performance at 7.30 pm. Balkan Dance workshop with live music at 4.00pm.  Please book early for this one as there is sure to be great demand! Enquiries please tel: 01300 345455. Tuesday 26th November, 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm (last orders), Old Bus Shelter (opposite BN Primary School).  Fish & Chip Van.
Parish Pavilion and Running Track   Improving sporting facilities in the Parish of Buckland Newton     P art funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development                       Support funding from the United Charities of Buckland Newton, BNCPT and the  village fete 2018.   Loan funding from the Sir William Aykroyd Legacy
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in the heart of rural Dorset
Members of the Parish Council, prior to the official opening
Trying out the new running track
Cutting the tape
! ! Barnardo’s registered Charity Numbers: 216250 & SCo 57605 Barnardo’s adheres to the Fundraising Promise and Fundraising Standards board Guidelines DORCHESTER BARNARDO’S HELPER GROUP invites you to our  CHRISTMAS COFFEE MORNING to be held at  HOLYLEAS HOUSE  BUCKLAND NEWTON, DT2 7DP by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Julian Bunkall  Thursday, 7th November 2019 10.00 am until 12.30 pm  Sue Harris: Elainaki Olive Oil  Alice Woods Designs: Natural British Sheepskin Sue Dean: Jewellery, Clothes, Christmas Gifts  and Decorations  BARNARDO’S CHRISTMAS CARDS  BARNARDO’S HOMEMADE CAKE AND CHRISTMAS FAYRE   Dorchester Barnardo’s Helper Group thank you for your support Linda Bowditch, Tia Bunkall, Charlotte Chichester, Louise Clarke,  Julie Gibbs, Judy Hammick, Susie Harland, Pomme Lowis,   Tessa Russell, Jane Sutton, Jane Yates, Penny Wykes-Sneyd.