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Buckland Newton Neighbourhood Car Scheme

I thought that I should just let everyone know that these two services (see below for ‘Community Connections’ information) are up and running again if you need support either getting to appointments, or matching up with someone who may be able to assist you doing those little things you struggle with. If anyone would like to join our band of volunteers there is no commitment to be available on set days, it is all run very informally. For more information give me a call on 07733 849264. Or email on bncarsheme@gmail.com At present we need new drivers. A driver may complete 1 to 10 journeys in any 3 month period. Our drivers collect 50p per mile from their passenger and are paid 45p per mile. No one does it just for love Sheila Crouch, Car Scheme Co-ordinator Comments from those using our service include: “It’s the only way I can go anywhere now as I cannot use the bus anymore. It means I can keep my independence” “My family live 20 miles away and they work, so it isn’t always convenient for them to pick me up and take me to doctors’ appointments and I couldn’t get there any other way now.” Our drivers get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering too: “I think the general thought of all us drivers is the immense satisfaction we get from enabling our more mature and less able neighbours to remain independent! In return we get some lovely company!!” “I am doing something to help other people and it makes me feel valued. Driving is something that I am still able to do! The people who use the service are really appreciative of what we do and they are all really nice!” New Year – New Resolutions? All of the Christmas festivities are over for another year, and hopefully you had a pleasant time and didn’t eat or drink too much! I always find it hard not to succumb to the extra mince pies or chocolates, that always seem to be around but hopefully by doing extra walks and cutting back on a few calories, I will get back to normal habits soon. Well, the end of 2022 ended a busy 3 months for the village car scheme with some weeks having 2 or 3 requests for journeys. Most of the journeys undertaken have been to various hospitals for medical appointments, so the NHS appear to be working hard on trying to get through the backlog from what I saw whilst waiting for clients. We also had 2 new people requesting lifts. During the last couple of years, we lost quite a few volunteer drivers for one reason or another, so if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to do something new and help others, we could certainly use you to keep up with demand. No commitment to do regular days or anything, it is just if you are free to assist when a request comes in. I send out details of the requests received by email and if you are available you agree to the outing. There is a suggested donation from the client of 50p per mile from your start point and return. You get paid mileage, and you also get to meet new people. I really enjoy being able to assist and clients are very grateful for the help that we give them and I always learn something new! If you would like more information about the car scheme, give me a call on 07733 849264 or email bncarsheme@gmail.com Sheila Crouch Nordcat Dial a Ride Service I would also like to remind you about Nordcat Dial A Ride service, which covers our area too. This has set routes and is another local community transport operator that can pick you up at your door. For example, most Fridays they run the minibus to Dikes in Stalbridge – enough time for you to do your shopping and have a treat in the cafe. There is an annual subscription of £5 and if you have a bus pass, journeys are free. Journeys should be requested 24 hours before the journey. For more information phone 01258 472164.