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Feedback and Contact Details

If you have comments to make about the Buckland Newton Community Website,

this page is for you. The Feedback page provides a way of contacting us and we

will, subject to the provisos below, publish any feedback we receive.

The page will be 'moderated', that is, the Buckland Newton Community Website

Committee (or the Webmaster) will determine whether and what items will appear

on this page. This is primarily to eliminate any scandalous, libellous or otherwise

unsuitable material - we don't mind constructive criticism! Entries may also be

abbreviated or otherwise edited prior to insertion and may be removed without

notice if they appear to have lost their relevance. Please e-mail your comments

and questions to the address at left.

Your Comments so far

Some encouraging (and fortunately genuine!) comments to start things moving:

"Congratulations on a superb website. I spent ages on it looking at all the different

areas. Great fun and so interesting to find out what goes on in the village even if

we have been here 14 years!!!! Thank you.

"Congratulations. I can now send it to my visitors so they can arrive without

detours they didn't intend to make!"

“I do love the site, it’s so clear and honestly I seem to find it so much more user friendly than some sites. When I think of the times I used to copy out all the accommodation details for friends visiting and all I do now is say " Look at the web site - it’s all there!" so a big thank you for such a fab asset.”

Local Events and News

We are happy to include information about local events within the parish of Buckland Newton. Please let us have details by e-mail. We reserve the right to edit any material sent to us and cannot guarantee that such material will be included on the website. Please also see our Terms of Use page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I copy the photographs used on the website? The photographs may be used for private purposes only. They are copyright of the originators and may not be used for commercial purposes without the written permission of the copyright owners. 2. Which browsers work with the website? The website has been tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome 3. I'm getting messages about 'Java'. What does this mean? To work correctly, the website needs to use Javascript. It's possible your Internet Firewall is blocking these and you need to adjust the settings in your Firewall or Internet Browser. 4. Does the website capture personal information? Unless you e-mail us or enter personal information on any Forms on the website, no information is collected by the website which could identify you personally. For more detailed information, please see our Terms of Use page. 5. Windows seems to be blocking parts of the website and/or not displaying correctly. This may be as a result of the increased security built into Windows, this site may not display correctly unless you allow Active X controls and Javascript to execute. There is nothing sinister in this site!
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