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‘Village Cafe’

Not a cafe in the conventional sense,

the very popular Village Cafe started

life over 25 years ago and has been

running very successfully at Buckland

Newton Village Hall on the last Friday

of every month (except December and


The ‘Village Cafe’ was started for several reasons, the main ones being to introduce people new to the area to others and to keep people in touch with each other and what is happening in the village. It’s been thought how best to re-introduce the Viilage Cafe again with Covid protections in place, so with caution being the name of the game a few rules will apply for the moment: No visitors/tourists please, just us locals. A mask to be worn please unless sitting at the table. Hand sanitiser available at entrance. There will be a sheet of paper to ‘sign in’ with phone number for contact - just in case. We’ll have the doors open if possible for further ventilation. All hall users are wiping surfaces down with sanitising wipes - in our case farming teat wipes. Otherwise it will be the same as it ever was. Cake and coffee for £1.20. Open to everyone regardless of age, size, gender, religion or politics. Top of the normal list of rules is ‘obligatory talking a lot’. No one will try to sell you a raffle ticket or flog you anything it is strictly our cafe for meeting up with folk you perhaps don’t see too often. (well that certainly applies this time!) Any further queries please ring Fizz Lewis 345521   Please let me know if you would like to volunteer taking a turn either ‘hosting’ on the morning or baking a cake for it. I will be very pleased to hear from you.  Fizz Lewis 345521.
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