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The village now has its own

defibrillator, housed in an unlocked

cupboard on an outside wall of the

Village Hall by the kitchen door, under

the veranda

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in the heart of rural Dorset
Thank you very much to everybody who has contributed to the Buckland Newton Defibrillator Fund.  We are proud to announce that our very own village Defibrillator arrived at the end of October 2013.  The defib is housed in an UNLOCKED cupboard on an outside wall of the Village Hall, by the kitchen door under the veranda.

Second Defib?

In early March 2020 the Defib Committee are meeting to discuss renewal of the present Defibrillator Scheme at the Village Hall due Sept 2020. Although we have several options of different providers, we have been very satisfied with the service we have received from South West Ambulance Service over the past seven years. In addition, we have the option of a very good financial deal on a second Defib with SWAST if we do renew with them. So we would like to consult the Village, prior to our meeting in March, to see what people think about getting a second Defib and if so where to put it. At present nothing has been decided.  If you have any thoughts on this please email the Secretary, Fizz Lewis at froglewis@hotmail.com

Defib Notes

In an emergency always ring 999 - ambulance - straight away; they will advise you. How you get the defibrillator in an emergency is worth a bit of prior thought.  Maybe you have a friend or neighbour who is willing to help, either to fetch the defib or to contact a Defib Runner for you. The Defib Runners are not to be called out at any other time except when the ambulance service has asked for the defibrillator to be brought - for all other medical problems please ring 999 or see your GP. The defib cupboard with the defib inside is located at the Village Hall and is well signposted but it may be a good idea to check out for yourself exactly where it is next time you pass the Village Hall. Information cards, to be kept by the phone, are being delivered to every house - if you have not received yours, please contact Fizz Lewis on 345521.  They show the list of Defib Runners who have agreed to be telephoned at any time to fetch the defibrillator.  It is of course up to you whether you want to use them or a neighbour or friend.  NB:  for anyone who hasn’t been to an awareness session on the defib - this apparatus will not work on anyone whose heart is still beating.  Use of CPR and the defib, under Ambulance Service instruction, gives a person the best possible outcome after an arrest.  The machine is being checked once a week by two Committee members, to ensure it is perfect working order.  South West Ambulance Service Trust are responsible for the maintenance and sorting any problems.  The original defib has been replaced by a new one in December 2020. The Defib Committee Are looking for more volunteers to go on the ‘Runner’ list on the Information Card and also more people to become Committee members.  Jan Burnett, Diana Wells, Fizz Lewis, Sandie Stout and Jane Willis currently comprise the Committee.  At the moment there is little to do for Committee members apart from helping with the annual training meeting which we hold in January.  We meet only once a year to discuss this, defibrillator maintenance and fund raising ideas etc.  Not onerous.  If you are interested in either of these please contact Fizz Lewis 345521/Jan Burnett 345356 or any other committee member. Every year we put out information about the Defibrillator we have here in the village via the Lydden Vale News which goes to every house. This is particularly for the benefit of those who have recently moved to this area. The Defibrillator is housed in an unlocked cupboard on the outside wall of the Village Hall by the back door to the kitchen. Have a look next time you are there if you haven’t seen it before. It is available for use in an emergency, to be fetched on the instructions of the paramedics after a 999 call by a neighbour/friend or Defib Runner. Although anyone can use the Defib (it speaks instructions to you) there are people in the village who are trained in its use and will also fetch the defib for you (Defib Runner). The list of these people is available on a card In the panel above left) which can be downloaded and printed, as can the visual instructions. We are very grateful to all our volunteer Defib Runners. We would like to know if there is anyone else, especially if they live near the village hall, who would like to volunteer to go on the list too. The Defibrillator is checked almost every day by our unsung hero, Sandie Stout, to make sure it is in full working order. Some of the supplies with it are replaced annually by SWAST who are in contact with Sandie. Sandie is also a Committee member and Run-ner and we are very grateful to her for this work. Careline Users - if you are a Careline User please ensure your provider is aware of the existence of the defib in the village.