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Friendly Skittles at

the Gaggle of Geese

Buckland Newton Community Website
in the heart of rural Dorset

A village friendly skittles league will, we hope, be

re-starting at some point in the future!  

If you are interested in joining in and don’t currently belong to a team, please contact Simon or Sarah at The Gaggle of Geese - 01300 345249. Simon will have a pool of interested skittlers who don’t belong to any particular team but who would be willing to step in (given sufficient notice) to make up a team if anyone is short of a player on the night.  As it is a ‘friendly’ league, and to get things up and running, it was decided that ‘reserves’ can play for more than one team If any team needs to re-arrange a game (hopefully this won’t happen), please confer with the captain of the opposing team and with Simon at the pub to find a suitable alternative date.  All teams should have details of Captains’ contact e-mails and phone numbers. Other rules:   £2 per player for the sticker-up – which Simon will  help to arrange. No subs or trophies required. No team food required. Score cards to be signed and handed in behind the bar. Demand for a knockout game to be decided at a later date. For more information call 01300 345249 or info@gaggleofgeese.co.uk